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The Leader in Me

This year, St. John joins St. Patrick Catholic School in using a school-wide program that aims to develop leadership skills in all students. The program, titled “The Leader in Me,” is based on a book of the same name and integrates the 7 Habits of leadership into elementary school curricula. In the 15-16 school year, St. Patrick staff members studied the book together and taught the 7 Habits in weekly guidance classes. Principal Rhiannon Thomas says they adopted the program because, “I wanted our students to be better people for having been at St. Patrick.” Students set their own growth goals and tracked their progress for benchmark assessments, and the school participated in several community-building activities including Muffins for Mom, Donuts for Dad, Career Day, and a Cop Stop breakfast (pictured).

Staff at St. John are excited to implement the program for their students this year. Each month this year will focus on one of the 7 Habits. In the month of August, students learned to be proactive rather than reactive. Guidance counselor Rosa Tutor called the Leader in Me the vision for her guidance program. “It is my goal to make sure EVERY student at St. John views themselves as a leader,” she says. “It is my goal for our students to learn leadership skills and live our mission in the Catholic schools to be the change we want to see in world.”

Posted by Heather Fjord at 2:32 PM
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