There Is Still Work To Do.

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There Is Still Work To Do.

Over the past month, Jubilee Catholic Schools have been a hot topic of news stations across the country. Everyone is reporting on the recent announcement of the 10 urban Catholic schools that will be closing at the end of the 2019 school year. Everyone is wondering what will happen after the closure, but what about what is happening right now.

Right now, the Jubilee Catholic schools are in the middle of the third quarter of the school year. Right now, they are celebrating the season of Lent. They are preparing for tests and working on service projects. They are dissecting squid and practicing basketball. They are attending work study and weekly mass. The point is: the Jubilee schools are not done yet; there is still work to do in the classroom and throughout the community.

The Jubilee Schools are not going to softly fade to black like the ending of an old Jimmy Stewart movie. The Jubilee Schools are going to finish strong with higher enrollment and higher test scores than previous years. They are focusing on a 100% graduation rate and a 100% college acceptance rate. They are continuing to prepare children to be all that God created them to be both today and tomorrow. The Jubilee Schools are going to make sure that no matter what happens after the closure that the students are academically and emotionally prepared to face what lies ahead.

Posted by Angela Fox at 3:48 PM
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