First Day of School 2017

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When you support Jubilee, you support Memphis.


Starting Off On The Right Foot

For the nine Jubilee schools throughout the Memphis area school is off to a great start. All because of donors like you, the Jubilee schools operate on a 200 day, year round schedule. More days in school ensures better retention and better academic achievment.

Problems with failing schools are key issues for parents, politicians, school leaders and concerned citizens like you. Memphis is an iconic representation of these problems, and in recent years the city has become known as a laboratory for urban education reform. There is promising evidence of progress, but it's impossible to ignore the fact that the problems will take years to address. What about the children ready for kindergarten today? What about the children in third, or fifth grade, or the children ready to start high school now?

Memphis Schools are showing progress, but it will take time to see a true transfromation. In the neighborhoods where Jubilee schools are located, there are few viable, affordable options for children to receive a quality education. For families who want that education to be grounded in faith, especially those with limited resources, the Jubilee Schools aren't just part of a list of options, WE ARE THE ONLY OPTION.

If YOU believe all children have value, unique gifts, and the right to a quality, faith-based education... If YOU believe in helping those that have less than others.... If YOU believe in Memphis and the Jubilee schools then we invite you to partner with us to create a brighter future for our children.

Posted by Angela Fox at 10:11 AM
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