So Many Reasons To Be Thankful

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So Many Reasons To Be Thankful

As the season of giving approaches, we can't help but reflect on the many gifts of which we have to be thankful. We are thankful for our teachers,  administrators, religious leaders, friends and donors, but most of all we are thankful for our students. We are thankful for the mission and the purpose they give to our lives. We are thankful for the individual personalities and gifts they bring to our Jubilee family. You see, they are what is means to be Jubilee. They are the true soul of the Jubilee Catholic Schools.

For the past eighteen years, through the help of donors like you, Jubilee has provided students with a quality, faith-based education. Today, Jubilee serves approximately 1,600 students across nine schools located in urban Memphis areas by continuing to supply low-income students with significant need-based scholarships. This year our goal is to meet the needs of the areas we serve by expanding enrollment capacity; minimizing wait lists and incorporating modern classroom technology to ensure the Jubilee schools have a bright future serving the Memphis community.

Each year during the giving season, we ask you to share in this work with us. Over the past years, we have been the grateful recipients of much needed help through your generous donations. Won’t you please consider investing in the Jubilee Catholic Schools so we may continue our work of serving students and lifting up the Memphis community. 


Posted by Angela Fox at 9:36 AM
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