Happy Mother's Day from Jubilee

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Happy Mother's Day from Jubilee

Who taught you to stand up for yourself and others? Who showed you that being kind doesn’t mean being weak. Who helped you discover the really important things in life? And if you ever got lost, who helped you find your way? Most of us would answer these questions with one word: MOM!

In honor of Mother’s Day we would like to acknowledge all the moms of our beautiful Jubilee students. We realize the financial commitment it takes to send your child to a Jubilee school. We understand the sacrifices you make, day in and day out, to give your child “something better.” We are thankful that you have chosen to share your child with us here at the Jubilee Catholic Schools, and we hope you continue this journey with us.

Our hats are off to you! Happy Mother’s Day.

Posted by Angela Fox at 9:28 AM
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