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When you support Jubilee, you support Memphis.


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Supporting Jubilee and Celebrating the Hotwing

Let's make Memphis great again by supporting the Wings of Jubilee Hotwing Festival & Cook-Off that benefits the Jubilee Catholic Schools. The Jubilee Schools serve 1600 students each year across nine schools located in urban Memphis areas by providing low-income students with significant need-based scholarships. All students are welcome. Only 30% of the student population is Catholic; 70% come from other faith traditions. So, when you support Jubilee, you support Memphis. In... Read More
Posted by Angela Fox at Friday, September 1, 2017
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Growing Leaders

For the first week of August, seniors at Memphis Catholic ensured that the freshman class felt welcomed and prepared for their journey as high school students. Freshmen arrivied on Monday to find their lockers mysteriously decorated and filled with treats (seniors stayed late on Friday to surprise their little siblings). Then, freshmen used mystery bags filled with clues to puzzle out who their big brother or sister might be. Sibling pairs bonded throughout the week at a pizza lunch and a trip... Read More
Posted by Angela Fox at Monday, September 12, 2016
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