We build on the past to build up the future.

Known nationally as the “Miracle in Memphis,” the Jubilee Catholic Schools Network combines the best of Catholic, faith-based instruction from the past with contemporary best teaching practices to deliver a superior education for pre-kindergarten through grade twelve. Regardless of our students’ faith background, they benefit from an excellent Catholic education rooted in a 200-year-old traditional foundation: strong academics and Christian values, all within a structured and nurturing environment.

The Jubilee Schools began in July 1999 when Bishop J. Terry Steib, SVD, announced that previously closed urban Catholic schools would reopen to make high quality education widely accessible to Memphis youth. The schools were named in honor of the Jubilee year, a year of grace and celebration. Today, the Jubilee Catholic Schools Network serves approximately 1,500 students each year across nine schools: eight elementary and one middle/high school. To better serve families’ needs, Jubilee school tuition operates on a sliding scale supported by significant donor funding. Families pay only what they can based on their income and no family is turned away due to finances. Furthermore, scholarships follow students to all Catholic middle and high schools in Memphis. Beyond being an accessible education, Jubilee strives to also provide the highest quality education to our students. For the 2014-2015 academic year, students averaged above the National average in reading, language arts, and math. Kindergartners also showcased their excellent foundation in reading by averaging in the 92nd national percentile in reading.


We are trailblazers at the local and national level.

Jubilee Schools represent an unprecedented example of urban Catholic schools re-opening to serve predominantly low-income students via significant need-based scholarships.
We welcome all students. Only 30% of our student population is Catholic, and 70% come from other faith traditions. While over 80% of students qualify for free and reduced lunch, we welcome diversity in all forms: economic, cultural, and religious background.
In January 2015, the Jubilee Catholic Schools Network announced that all Network schools would be transitioning into a 200-day, year-round school calendar in order to better serve its students. This calendar provides students more time for learning and less time for forgetting.
President George W. Bush made a speech about Jubilee. He said, “... It has been a great joy for the people of Memphis to watch excellence spread. And I want to thank those who have put forth the money, and call on all citizens to find ways they can contribute with their hearts to help educational entrepreneurs succeed.”
The New York Times has said of us, “The most successful [urban Catholic School] model of all may well be in Memphis.”
Our teacher evaluation model is recognized on the national level. Christian Dallavis of Notre Dame's ACE Leadership program remarked, “The Jubilee Schools have developed a state-of-the-art evaluation and accountability system that ensures that school leaders prioritize student learning above all else . . . . and they are already realizing strong gains in the classroom.”